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Terminator meets Prometheus meets War of The Worlds.

Amazon didn’t quite hit the mark on their last sci-fi blockbuster Greenland, which I gladly reviewed here. But this week The Tomorrow War grabbed my attention and I gladly jumped into the story with minimal knowledge of what I was about to experience.

This review contains spoilers

The Tomorrow War kicks off quite fast considering the feel of a slow start. Early on we are given enough information about Dan Forester and his family without all the added sludge that most films give us. Dan is ex-military from Iraq where he served in two tours, but he dreams of being a scientist whilst he teaches high school biology. After the small introductory scene we are greeted with a military force which has traveled from the future to warn humanity of a pressing war against a force known as The Whitespikes.

The Whitespikes are an alien invasion which appeared on Earth somewhere near the year 2048. By 2051 humanities population was down to only 500,000 and extinction was near. The military start recruiting people from the past (people who have already died before the event to stop any time continuum issues) to travel to the future and fight in the war. With seven-day tours and only 20-30% of those soldiers returning they have to turn their eyes towards civilians.

The film at this point starts to feel like a mix between Terminator and Starship Troopers. We are greeted with time travelling soldiers and some incredible-looking bug-like aliens that are literally badass. The film pace does quicken and the action scenes are both gripping and intense. The acting skills of Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, Sam Richardson and Edwin Hodge are exceptional and really make the film believable.

The future timeline shows the struggles of the human race but also introduces Pratt to his daughter of nine, who is now nearly 30 years older. In a struggle to make a toxic that could eradicate the aliens Pratt cannot save his daughter and has to return home, toxin in hand, with a very difficult group of memories. This is where the film really changed the pace for me.

At this point the film seemed to come to a natural end, but it was no where near the end of where the producers were taking us. It was almost like watching the sequel of the film I had just witness and finding out about the origin of the alien creatures. It turns out that the aliens were on Earth for hundreds of years and only appeared after their spaceships was able to thaw out of the ice they had landed in. This element to the film takes the heroes of the day to Russia where they try to stop the aliens before they appear in 1948 and start their execution of the human race. The finale was exciting, the film kept me watching and I would highly recommend it.

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The twists in the film started as a Terminator meets Starship Troopers movie. However the second half turned more into War of the Worlds meets Prometheus– with the ship that contained the Whitespikes clearly being a ship holding them as cargo for a mass-event extinction on a planet of their choice (whether Earth was the intended planet is not known). The film is definitely one of the better science fiction films from the last few years and hands-down beats the generic solder vs. alien enemy movie of late.

Score – 8/10

Rating: 8 out of 10.


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