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An homage to the Nintendo Wii U comes in the form of Bowsers Fury as Nintendo celebrate 35 years of Mario

I managed to get a Nintendo Wii U around 2 years after the initial release. I didn’t have many games on the platform but I had most of the key Nintendo releases, of which Mario 3D World was one of them. Most of these major titles have at some point made their way onto the Nintendo Switch platform. They usually come with extra goodies and really pack a punch in regards to how they play on a more modern system. Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch I have waited for Super Mario 3D World to be released on this amazing platform. Now the wait is finally over – and with an additional angry Bowser too.

It’s a me, Mario!

When Super Mario 3D World was released on the Nintendo Wii U it was an utter testament to the abilities of Nintendo. It was a wonderfully modern, vibrantly colourful game that pushed the boundaries of any Mario title launched prior to it. The puzzles and ideas that are infused into the game really bring out some ingenious level designs and playful elements. Instead of the standard 3D variant games, such as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine it seemed to bring an aspect of the 2D games with it, creating a very unique blend of all the best parts of these games. On the Nintendo Switch it is nothing less than an amazing homage to the original, remastered and reworked to make it even more vibrant than ever.

Certain elements have been reworked to use a cursor rather than motion controls, much like some of the re-modelling in Super Mario Galaxy on Super Mario Bros 3D All-Stars. It is different and takes getting used to but I for one prefer this to motion controls – call me old-school.

The music is as amazing as ever, with full orchestral tracks composed by Mahito Yokota, Toru Minegishi, Koji Kondo and Yasuaki Iwata. The music is inspired by jazz variants and played by the Mario 3D World Big Band which was formed after being inspired by such music. All in all this is a package that will entertain you with fun puzzles and exploration for hours, if not months. This is without the added bonus content of Bowsers Fury.

Bowsers Fury

So Bowsers Fury is the new addition to this game, and it comes in the form of a lot of effort by the developers at Nintendo. This is not some small DLC package that needn’t be there, nor an extra playable level. It is also not content that you need to unlock or complete the original game to play. This add-on is playable immediately and brings a whole new level of fun to the game. It is in essence similar in style and gameplay to Super Mario Odyssey but with a lot of added drama. You get to explore an array of islands in a world called Lapcat. You get to control Mario whilst a second player can join as Bowser Jr. Every so often Bowser emerges in an almost Godzilla-like form blasting flaming how fireballs around the level.

Some areas are not accessible until this event triggers and it really creates a dramatic, dark feel to one of the brightest games on the Nintendo Switch. The map slowly expands as you explore and there are 100 Cat Shines to find like traditional 3D Mario games. For the Luigi fans out there Dark Luigi even makes an appearance in chase scenes that are similar to Shadow Mario in Super Mario Sunshine and Cosmic Mario in Super Mario Galaxy.

What has changed?

The Switch also adds 60fps in handheld and docked mode and the movement speed has been increased to make the game feel much more fluid than in the Nintendo Wii U incarnation. As well as this there are Amiibo features, snapshot functionality for in-game screenshots and a four-player mode for the Captain Toad levels.

As well as Bowsers Fury you also get Luigi Bros. which was a featured game on the Nintendo Wii U for the Year of Luigi. The added Amiibo functionality means the parallel releases of the Cat Mario and Cat Peach Amiibo’s can be put to good use too.

In conclusion

No game is more perfect a release to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. It manages to highlight everything fantastic about the franchise, from bold cartoon-like graphics, dynamically enriching colours and a bold and vibrant soundtrack. The game itself is liquid fun and comes with an arrangement of upgrades and additional content to make the price all the more worth it.

If you did not have the chance to own or play a Nintendo Wii U then this game will come as a pure joy to experience for the first time. If you were lucky enough to have already played it on the previous platform then revisiting it brings pure nostalgic sentiment that is seldom recreated in other franchises. Let’s a go!


Overall 9/10

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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