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With further lockdowns in place you can enjoy a variety of sports from your own home!

Sports Party is a Nintendo Switch exclusive game. It includes six different sports, which can be played with button control, and most with motion control. The player can play golf, beach tennis, skateboarding, basketball, Frisbee and jet ski all with or without friends.

You can customise each character to look like yourself with different items of clothing that you can unlock throughout the game. This can create a more personalised experience which adds the extra cherry on the top of the cake.

Let the games begin


Each sport has different games to play, with their own spin on the actual sport. Golf is one of my favourite sports on the game, especially whilst using motion controls. The player can choose between a 3-hole, 6-hole and 9-hole map and this can take a little while to master. I have played it around twelve times and still mess it up every now and then but it does create an enjoyable experience. It does get easier using standard controls but doesn’t reflect the more ‘life-like’ experience that you get from the motion controllers. This game is a great one for multiplayer.

Tip: When preparing for your shot, make sure to take wind into account. I have forgot about it many times and it can make a huge difference to the outcome of your shot!

Beach Tennis

Beach tennis is one of the worse games. Whilst it still makes an enjoyable experience it has a few glitches. While playing, I found that there is a significant delay in reaction between the swing of a remote and the movement on screen. I found that this bug was only on the beach tennis game, and found all the others to be fine. Despite this, beach tennis is a good game and very much reminds me of the old tennis game on Wii Sports.


Basketball is probably my highest rated of the games, with two unique settings which are both enjoyable. The first setting, 2v2 court game, unfortunately doesn’t offer motion controls but is still a fantastic mini game where players each battle it out to gain 21 points. The controls are pretty simple to master, with the use of only three buttons. This mode is excellent to play multiplayer with, and creates a truly enjoyable experience. The second setting is a three-point contest. This game can be used with buttons again, and also with motion control. It is a simple game with a 60 second timer whereby the players attempt to score as many baskets as possible to earn points. These two games are my favourite of the game, so I would definitely recommend these.


Skateboarding is another fun game, and yet it can be quite tricky. you can either race friends or AI in a race mode or earn points in a timed round. The skateboarding games are definitely some of the games that are harder to master. With motion control you must keep balance whilst twisting your remote to turn. However the standard controller mode is a lot easier and and turning can be much smoother. Both of the games in the skateboarding group are good, albeit similar, and can provide nice and fun nice gameplay.


Frisbee is one of my least favourite sports in the game. This too can be played in motion and button control. The game seems boring and slightly lacking in depth. The player just tossed the Frisbee at a target to gain points. In my opinion, it doesn’t capture the same style of gameplay projected by the other sports.

Jet Ski

The final sport, Jet Ski, is a really fun game that to be played with both motion and button control. The overview of the game is simply a race, on Jet Ski’s (obviously), around a track. This game really does remind me of Mario Kart, as it is a very similar style of game without all of the power-ups. In replacement, you can collect lightening bolts that charge up to create a boost.

George’s Conclusion

Overall, I would definitely recommend buying Sports Party. Whilst some of the sports are better than others, and it does contain a few bugs, most of the games provide a fun and truly enjoyable experience.


Overall 7.5/10

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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