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Judge this set by its size, do you?

The Lego Yoda buildable character is a definite must buy set for the Star Wars and Lego fans out there. This set has been reconstructed from the moment in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, in the duel between the Jedi Master Yoda and the Sith lord Count Dooku. It includes the minifigure of the Jedi Master, a stand to display next to the main model as well as an information plaque.

When fully assembled, the figure stands at over 40cm tall (including lightsaber). This display model features a rotating head with intricate detailing and posable fingers and toes. The detail on the face is stunning, with posable eyes that allow you to reveal Yoda with a number of expressions. The building process is great, and was incredibly enjoyable. The 13 bags split the process up nicely, and it is fun to see how the model comes together as you progress.

“Careful you must be”

Yoda holds his signature lightsaber, wielding it into battle and this was probably my favourite part of the build. Any Star Wars fan has a dream to recreate what they saw on-screen in the form of bricks. Whilst the lightsaber uses so few bricks, it still perfectly captures the weapon from the films. When you come to display this piece, you can take out the blade, (the blade makes it significantly taller) but that does take the final model away from its full glory.

The stand that comes with it is also nice. When you are displaying the model, it is cool to have the stand next to it, but for me the plaque on this build it nothing special. The information on the plaque is a good addition but is a sticker that you have to manually put on. I hate these big stickers, as I believe many people do. It is easy to get air bubbles underneath these or put them on at a slight angle which makes the overall build look scruffy. The Yoda minifigure is nothing special in my opinion either. It is the same variant as seen in many sets before with no special printing or new moulds to make the figure more unique. The stand isn’t detailed that much and being standard black doesn’t give it a special touch. This stand is adequate, but nothing compared to the stand found in the Lego 1989 Batmobile – 76139.

“The force is strong in this one”

Overall, for the Star Wars fans out there, this is a must-buy set. Whilst the extra stand doesn’t live up to the rest of the construction, the main model is stunning and perfectly captures the character. The detailing is outstanding and I love the fact that Yoda’s face can be positioned into different expressions. It does carry a large price tag though at £89.99 ($99.99), but it is definitely worth it when you see the final product.

Ability Level★★★★★★★★
Build Time★★★★★★★★

Overall 8/10

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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