Xbox Series X/S on Day One2 minute read

Microsoft is first off the starting block in their latest tactic for the console wars.

The world will already be aware that today marks the official launch of the Xbox Series X and S consoles.

Launching in the UK there were limited amounts of stock in-store which were set aside from the pre-order waves that hit the industry several weeks ago. However certain retailers have already sold out of their in-store stock, such as GAME, Curry’s and Argos.

A ninth-generational strategy

Microsoft’s strategy at the dawn of the ninth generation of video game consoles is in an attempt to take down Sony. The strive for market domination has always been the case through all eight previous console generations. However Microsoft has never come out on top as seen in our latest article in Console Yourself regarding the previous generations.

Their tactics this time round are clear. Microsoft have purchased many software houses in the lead-up to this generation of consoles and coupled with Game Pass they are looking towards more subscribers to their services rather than the hardware itself. This is not to say that the Xbox Series X is not a seriously beastly piece of hardware, but they have lost three generations of console wars to their Japanese counterparts Sony and Nintendo.

Microsoft is first off the block

The early launch (two days) of the Microsoft Xbox Series X/S may give them an early sprint off the starting block, but Sony will surely want to close that gap as quickly as possible.

The current status of generation eight is in the balance as Nintendo pushes on with their Nintendo Switch (image credit: Jim Cullinane)

This generation will have some interesting figures with Sony continuing their same strategy from their previous four consoles, Nintendo breaking sales records with their generation 8.5 console and Microsoft driving people towards their digital offerings.

There are still some stores around the country no doubt with stock, and Microsoft promise that new stock will be arriving soon so a new Christmas console may be possible if you have been unlucky in pre-ordering.