Xbox Series S price revealed2 minute read

Xbox Series S price revealed but should you get the Xbox Series X or S?

The next generation console war is starting to heat up. Sony have revealed their PS5, and digital PS5, plenty of games and hints at PSVR2. Microsoft revealed two new consoles, the Series X and Series S – a diskless version of the X. However, until today there had been no mention of prices on any of these items.

Now however, Microsoft have revealed the price tag on the Xbox Series S. The digital version of their flagship console will only cost £249.99 in the U.K. (€299.99, $299.99).

There has not been any price announcement for the Xbox Series X but it is rumoured to be around £499. Putting the prices aside here are the current known differences between both consoles:

  • The Xbox Series S is approximately 60% smaller in size than the flagship console.
  • Xbox Series X Has 4K Blu ray capabilities whereas the Series S is diskless
  • The Series S will see games running up to 1440p resolution and 120 FPS, with 4K upscaling for games. This is opposed to the Xbox Series X that will support up to 4K and 8K native
  • The Series S will have a 512GB custom SSD Drive system whereas the Xbox Series X Has 1TB

So there are some massive differences between the two consoles. However, the price difference is also staggering. If you are happy going into the next generation console range in a digital format then the price of the Series S is definitely worth it. However, if you want up to 8K graphics and a bit more beef in your console then go for the Series X. Either way there will be something for wallets of all sizes.