We predicted it – drift lawsuit actioned against Sony2 minute read

A court case is filed against Sony after Fing’rs & Thu’ums prediction on drifting issues

Yesterday it was announced that the first lawsuit in the US against Sony for controller drift has been filed. The announcement comes only a week after Fing’rs & Thu’ums predicted and questioned whether Sony was going to end up in the same boat as Nintendo and Microsoft over controller issues.

Joystick/thumbstick drifting occurs when a controller registers a movement when there is none. This results in randomly occurring character or screen movement during play. The issue is often caused with aging of controllers, but it can also be from manufacturing or design faults. Nintendo is all too familiar with this issue with their Joy-cons being one of the most heavily publicised to have the issue.

DualSense issues do not seem as widespread as their counterparts yet, but giving that the console is a very new console to the market and will not have generated sales in the region of PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch yet it is shocking that a case has already been filed against Sony.

A class action lawsuit is a case whereby anyone within America who has had experience of the same issue can become a complainant to the case. This adds weight to the case and means these people will potentially be on a list for reimbursment if Sony lose the procedings.

In regards to the case itself it is stating that the DualSense is defective and compromises gameplay. The case also mentions that Sony were aware of the issues as the design of the thumbstick are nearly identical to the PlayStation 4 DualShock which suffered from the same issue. Again – something that Fing’rs & Thu’ums touched on last week.

The complaint is demanding a trial by jury, and monetary relief for those involved. Sony is yet to comment.

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