Super Nintendo World food gets the Thu’ums Up!3 minute read

A reveal of the food available at Super Nintendo World looks incredible.

It is true – Nintendo do nothing by half. It is less than one month from the grand opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Japan and as you have seen there have been plenty of videos and pictures from the scene.

Recently we Nintendo have revealed some of the food-related items that are going to be a big feature at this attraction. Firstly we have been able to see their popcorn buckets. Now, I know what you’re thinking – a popcorn bucket is nothing to be excited about. Wrong! Take a look below at the Mario Kart popcorn bucket (yes it is a bucket) and the light-up Super Star bucket too.

Better still, The Mario Cafe & Store on Hollywood Boulevard will bring all sorts of Mario-themed treats to the table. Fruit soda’s inspired by Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach will be on offer as well as pancake sandwiches.

In the part itself mushrooms are the key feature. Burgers with bacon, mushrooms and cheese, a Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl, Piranha Plant
salad and more. you can even treat yourself to a Tiramasu in the shape of a Question Block. Take a look below for all these amazing treats available!

Whatever your desire, Super Nintendo World seems to have everyone covered with an amazing arrangement of food! Woohoo!

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