Super Mario Lego Wave 23 minute read

It’s official. Super Mario Lego will see wave two appearing globally in January 2021!

Below is the official trailer for the release which is set to land in January 2021:

The new sets will be fully compatible with the Adventures with Mario Starter Set and the other expansion sets we have seen in 2020. It allowed new unique ways to explore the Lego creativity that Nintendo have unlocked and has a ton of new features.

In the trailer you can see a new Maker Set as well as some amazing expansions sets too! As well as this we have two new power up packs – the penguin suit and tanooki suit.

Fans of the franchise will also be glad to hear that there will be a second wave of blind bags with another amazing 10 character selection to build your Mario world!

These sets are available from 1st January 2021 so keep an eye out for all of these amazing sets from Nintendo and Lego’s fantastic partnership!

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