Super Mario Bros. – 35th Anniversary Quiz1 minute read

Super Mario Bros. hits a 35 year anniversary this year! So we have put together a 15-question quiz to test your Mario knowledge! Why not try the test and then share your results with your friends? Will you become the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, or will you be toppled by the great Lord Bowser? No Goomba’s were hurt during the making of this quiz.


Super Mario Bros. - 35 Years

Super Mario Bros. celebrated 35 years of the franchise this year.  Can you warp pipe to victory with this quiz about all things Mario?  Will you need Lakitu to pick you up and dust you off, or will you come face to face with a Goomba?  Try this quiz now and let all your friends know how you did!

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How many games has Mario appear in since his debut?

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Which game features Mario as the antagonist, not the protagonist?

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In 1993 the Super Mario Bros. movie was released, starring Bob Hoskins as Mario and John Leguizamo as Luigi.  In the movie, what is revealed as the surname of both Mario and Luigi?

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Which Mario game was the first to receive an ESRB rating higher than E (Everyone)?

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Who created the character, Mario?

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Which game did Mario first appear in?

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True or false?  Luigi's name was chosen because it means "famous warrior" in Germanic?

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Donkey Kong, released in 1981, was originally supposed to be a game for what franchise?

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Who was Mario named after?

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What or which feature(s) of Mario were solely due to technical limitations in the 1980's?

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Who wrote the main theme for the original Super Mario Bros. game, known as "Ground Theme"?

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How many levels are on the NES game Super Mario Bros.?

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Which character below is called Birdo?

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Which game was Luigi's first solo adventure?

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The princess is in another castle!  Which of the following is not a princess from Super Mario?

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