Sexual dysfunction tackled with new game Myhixel Play2 minute read

Myhixel attempts to take on the psychological effects caused by sexual dysfunction

Editor’s note: This article may not be suitable for younger readers due to the language and descriptions therein

Premature ejaculation is sometimes considered to be the highest ranked male sexual dysfunction. As few as 20% of males who suffer with this issue seek help due to embarrassment. Myhixel, a Spanish sexual health startup company, are trying to help combat this issue with a new game called Myhixel Play.

The Myhixel peripheral and mobile app

The game comes in the form of a mobile application and a peripheral device that is a self-heating sleeve designed for the male appendage. The game is set in space whereby the player must reach all eight planets and level up along the way. The premise is that when you level up in the game then your personal game will also level up.

The application takes the user through eight levels, all of which are designed to help the player understand the role of certain muscle groups within the penis and surrounding areas during interaction and masturbation with the peripheral device. Patricia López Trabajo, the founder and CEO of Myhixel stated “they are learning progressively to control their body and their mind.”

Patricia López Trabajo, 37 year-old founder and CEO of Myhixel

The game is set to target the expected audience of one in three males aged 18 to 60 who suffered with PE. The issues behind PE are known to lead to mental and emotional issues such as depression, frustration and anguish. The definitions of PE are still yet to be truly considered in a sense of what time is considered premature, but with a lot of things it is subjective to the player in that role. The device is now on sale at, and comes in two different pack choices. The Myhixel TR and Myhixel MED at £189 and £239 respectively.

If you have been affected by any of the issues highlighted in this article then please head over the the NHS website for further information and contact details if you are in the UK, or your own healthcare providers if you are international.

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