Nintendo Switch surpasses Xbox 360 and PS3 hardware sales2 minute read

Nintendo Switch comes in as seventh best selling console of all time

The Nintendo Switch launched in March 2017 across the world and gave players a new way of playing console games on the move. The console-handheld hybrid system quickly became popular amongst gaming enthusiasts and has become the flagship for Nintendo. After the commercial failure of the Wii U console the comeback for Nintendo has proven that the gaming giant is still a mammoth rival in the industry.

And this situation has been proven further as it has now been announced that Nintendo Switch console sales have now surpassed that of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The Switch now stands with 89.04 million console sales, which makes it the seventh best-selling console of all time and far surpassing the 13.56 million sales of the Nintendo Wii U.

The figures also include those of handhelds, meaning it is the third best-selling handheld of all time behind the DS family and the Game Boy/Game Boy Color families. The next console in sight will be the Nintendo Wii which managed to sell 101.63 million units over its seven year run. It doesn’t take a mathmetician to realise that Switch console sales are averaging 19.3 million a year, whilst the Wii averaged just over 14 million, meaning the target is achievable. And one million more than the Wii and the record held by PlayStation is also beat.

The Switch has had a fantastic run so far and with the new OLED release it can only get stronger. With 632.4 million software sales to date too it is a mammoth of the current generation of gaming.

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