River, the dog behind Fallout 4’s Dogmeat, dies2 minute read

The amazing canine behind one of the last ten years most iconic video-game animals has passed

The German Shepherd that became Dogmeat in Fallout 4 passed away this week. Joel Burgess, Capy Game Studios director, shard some thoughts on Twitter about her passing and stated that he “said goodbye”.

Burgess shared some behind-the-scenes information about the selection process for the in-game dog. They had already met River and were going to use the professional dog route, like other game studios, but they didn’t.

Dogmeat was to become a companion dog above all else, and an attack dog only secondary to that. River not only supplied the animations and the appearance of the dog but also some of the in-game sounds as the development team didn’t want to use stock recordings.

The popularity of the character grew massively and Dogmeat became one of the most iconic companion characters in the game. The internet came out this week to show their sadness at this loss and to remember the great immortalisation of River that we all know as Dogmeat.

RIP River

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