Richard Raaphorst claims Capcom plagiarised his designs for Resident Evil Village2 minute read

Capcom comes under fire for the possible plagiaristic use of horror movie monsters

Over this weekend Dutch film director Richard Raaphorst published an online post that claims Capcom have plagiarised his monster design for Frankenstein’s Army. In Frankenstein’s Army the monster is seen with a propellor head attached to its upper torso as the Soviets find mechanical monstrosities within Germany.

This article contains spoilers

Within Resident Evil Village a boss named Sturm appears with the same propellor wielding torso visible in the game. The monster is even defeated in the same manner int he game as it is in the film – by setting it on fire.

After the claim was made a Twitter user was quick to point out that there were other creatures from Frankenstein’s Army that are also incredibly similar to the monster designs in Resident Evil Village. Raaphorst claimed that he was originally angry about the propellor-headed monster, then he felt proud that they had used it. But after the reveal by the Twitter user below he replied “now I see this, I feel sad.”

Capcom are hoping that Resident Evil Village becomes their best-selling game in the franchise after the commercial success of Resident Evil VII. In regards to Raaphorst’s claim Capcom have not made an official statement.

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