Retro Gaming Quiz #11 minute read

Our last quiz baffled most users into a Mario-induced coma. I cannot promise that this quiz will be easier, but it will definitely challenge any retro games enthusiast. Try our January quiz below and share your score with your friends! Can you beat the 15-question gauntlet?


Retro Gaming Quiz #1

Retro games!  Retro games everywhere!  We all play them, but how well does your knowledge fair against your friends?  Try your hand at this months 15-question retro quiz challenge.

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Simon the Sorcerer (1994) was re-released on CD-ROM.  Which Red Dwarf actor voiced Simon?

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In which side-scrolling game, filled with magic, monsters and goblins, are you venturing on a quest to destroy Death Adder?

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The founders of Apple, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created which Atari 2600 game?

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Amstrad made one single attempt to enter the games console market with what?

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In the Carmageddon games, what is the name of the character who features on the box art?

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What does NES stand for?

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Complete the title from the Lucasarts game from 1992.  Indiana Jones and the Fate of ____ ?

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Which Sega console from 1990 was distributed by Virgin Mastertronic in Europe?

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Which game, released in 1994, featured a character named Chaos who would urinate on fallen enemies?

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Which company developed Rainbow Islands?

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Who was the developer behind Road Rash?

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Which British comedian voiced every character in Hogs of War?

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What was the light gun peripheral for the Sega Mega Drive called?

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In the classic arcade game The Punisher, which character did player two control?

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1943: The Battle of Midway is the sequel to which game?

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