PlayStation 3, PSP & Vita Digital stores to close2 minute read

Sony makes a bold move to close digital stores while Microsoft try to retain their legacy media

Sony is reportedly closing down the digital storefronts for PlayStation 3, PSP and Vita within the next few months. A report by TheGamer shows that Sony will close the PlayStation 3 and PSP stores on July 2 and the Vita store in August this year.

The news means that gamers will no longer be able to buy or download any digital games or DLC on these three platforms. Unclaimed DLC codes will cease to work also. The news does also suggest that players who are into collecting will no longer be able to re-download old software should their console break, once again highlighting the rigidity of physical games over digital – although there is no official statement on this yet. You may recall the Console Yourself articles I don’t pay for Binary and of course I don’t pay for binary part two: exit The Matrix which covered the negative issues surrounding digital media.

Back in October 2020 Sony also removed the ability to purchased games, apps, themes and avatars from the online web store for the platforms mentioned. This decision by Sony comes as disappointing news, especially when contrasted to Microsoft and their strive to create as much backwards compatibility and longevity of their Xbox Family. Sony have yet to make an official announcement but this is expected within the coming month.

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