Ninth generation teething problems5 minute read

Fing’rs & Thu’ums has looked into all the issues highlighted so far by both stable’s communities

The ninth generation is upon us! Microsoft have launched their Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation have now launched their PS5 family of consoles. Pre-orders flew off the virtual shelves and within hours most physical stock was consumed by the console-hungry gamers of 2020.

The launch has been difficult for both companies amid the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. But both Sony and Microsoft hit their targets and their deadlines rather well. However, it is now coming to light that there may be issues with both console lines with various problems being reported. Let us look into both consoles and what has been reported across different online communities.

Xbox Series X

Forget the smoke videos – they were completely fake. If you didn’t already know, there were several videos circulating of Xbox Series X smoking heavily from the upper vent of the console. It turns out it was people blowing vape into the underneath of the console. This is where it draws air in to cool the hardware, and the vape was creating this smoking effect.

Microsoft even had to Tweet about this to advise people not to blow vape into the console. We live among a worrying breed sometimes.

However, there are also some real issues being highlighted. @RWillows on Twitter shows how they have a serious issue with the disk drive of this ninth generation beast of equipment.

There are also others issues that have been highlighted through Reddit threads. Such as overheating units, more faulty disk drives, very unusual sounds and consoles shutting themselves off after a couple of hours.

Other drive faults come in the format of the console not even allowing the users to insert a disk, like @Travless_’s issue that he highlighted on Twitter.

There are also issues of the disk being hard to push into the console and also the disk not spinning when it has achieved full penetration (that’s what she said).

PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 launched a couple of days later than the Xbox Series X but it too has already had some issues highlighted.

There are numerous reports on Reddit and Facebook of the PlayStation 5 also shutting itself down after playing for a couple of hours. Most reports are showing that this is not strictly limited to one particular game but several. This is causing a growing concern for the PlayStation community.

Issues described by users include the PlayStation 5 stalling at the load screen upon a restart, the console being unable to connect to the PlayStation Network as well as the console not turning on, freezing during play or losing power suddenly.

This issue has already been highlighted as possible internal power component failure and Sony may replace or repair the console if you follow this link.

There are also reports of visual artifacts appearing on several PS5 games, meaning a possible faulty GPU, as highlighted by @notjffns on Twitter.

Other Sony-related issues are issues with data transfer and the “rest mode” causing the console to crash. As well as the new controller not updating, the HD camera or PlayStation Camera not connecting and the aforementioned issues it sounds like there are quite a few bugs that need to be ironed out before Twitter becomes enraged with Sony complaints.

So there we have it guys, we are not even a week into launch and there are already a growing number of concerns both hardware and software related issues for both Microsoft and Sony to answer to. Let’s hope a lot of these issues can be fixed with a patch, and may we always wonder how good quality control really is when developing a console.

To the people unlucky enough to not own one of these machines yet – that may be a blessing in disguise. I’m off to play the NES…