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While the world calm down, Fing’rs & Thu’ums takes a look at the Nintendo Switch OLED model

The Nintendo Switch OLED model was announced recently to very mixed reviews from the gaming community. Many fans have been eager to see the announcement of a Nintendo Switch “Pro” model, or a “next generation” variant at least. With the update that the new model will merely have a screen improvement a lot of fans were left deflated. Here is everything we know so far about this upgrade to the existing platform.

The console will launch October 8, 2021 and will be on sale here in the UK for £309.99 at Game, Smyths and Argos amongst other retailers. The system features a larger 7″ screen, which is OLED. This is bigger than the standard 6.2″ screen that is featured on the standard model currently available. The kickstand has been widened for more stability, and the console now features enhanced in-built speakers, a LAN port in the dock itself and 64GB of internal storage. The battery life will remain the same as the last upgrade that the console saw.

Nintendo have already confirmed that the CPU and the RAM will remain unchanged to the original standard model of the Switch, even though there are rumors that the development platform contains more RAM that the standard.

So that is the new upgrade in a nutshell. Fans might be disappointed but it is good to see that Nintendo are not shipping their flagship console off into the wind to make another upgrade into a new generation of consoles. The Nintendo Switch is the same generation of consoles as the Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5Nintendo just beat them to the finish line after the failure of the Nintendo Wii U. So let’s all appreciate what we do have while it is still enjoyed by millions, outselling the competition and supplying entertainment around the globe.

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