Nintendo files lawsuit against Bowser2 minute read

It’s Bowser vs. Bowser as Nintendo takes on an international pirating ring

Not that Bowser, don’t fret! Gary Bowser was arrested in October 2020 on the charges of heading up Team Xecuter. Team Xecuter is a large criminal organisation which sells means to circumnavigate the software and hardware in several gaming platforms in order to play pirated copies of games.

Team Xecuter targeted several platforms, including the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition, giving people the chance to play ROM’s on their consoles. One of the higher profile systems attacked was the Nintendo Switch which Team Xecuter released the SX Pro for, a device designed to override the underlying software on the console.

Team Xecuter was headed by Gary Bowser and Max Louarn, who were both formally charged with 11 felonies. These included wire fraud, conspiracy to circumnavigate technological measures as well as trafficking devices that perform this crime. The charges were initially files by Doug Bowser, Nintendo’s of America’s president of which the legal documents can be found here.

A device, SX Pro, designed and sold by Team Xecuter

Nintendo have highlighted that they have a growing concern to international pirating and hacking rings that are putting the industry at risk. In regards to Gary Bowser Nintendo have stated that his Team Xecute put 79 million Nintendo Switches at risk. They are seeking damage compensation to the amount of $2,500 for each device trafficked and $150,000 for each individual copyright violation.

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