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Maid of Sker hits a major milestone for a small independant development studio

Set in 1898 in the Sker Hotel, Maid of Sker is a Wales Interactive game which was released in July 2020 for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Later lat year the game also hit the Nintendo Switch platform in November proving its popularity.

Wales Interactive is a small independent development studio that have been publishing games since 2012. Maid of Sker however has reached a fantastic milestone which is even more welcomed considering the small studio that developed it.

The game is a survival-horror game that follows a family empire that is involved in torture and slavery as well as a supernatural and haunting story surrounding the hotel itself. The soundtrack itself has callbacks to famous Welsh songs such as Suo-Gân, the Welsh Lullaby which can be heard in at least one of the trailers, Calon Lân and Ar Hyd Y Nos.

The title is based on the Welsh song The Maid of Sker, as well as the novel of the same name. Deeper game design was inspired by the tale of Elizabeth Williams at Sker House. Legend states that Elizabeth’s father locked her inside of her room to prevent her from running off with her lover. It also dictates how she died of a broken heart within her room and now haunts the hallways. There is also further legend of Sker House that says a second ghost, a captain of a ship wreck on Sker Point, also haunts the hallways.

“It’s a real ‘made in Wales’ story, with a strong Welsh narrative, and was produced in our studio in Pencoed – in fact some of our team even worked on it from home when lockdown was imposed.”

Richard Pring, Co-founder and Director

Maid of Sker has now reached the milestone of 1,000,000 downloads since its July launch last year. The game has managed to once again show the power of independent developers as well as spreading the knowledge of Welsh language around the world.

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