Microsoft supports Epic Games over Apple case1 minute read

According to a new legal declaration Microsoft is supporting Epic Games against their court case with Apple.

Thousands of game developers have apparently contact Epic Games with their concerns over Apple’s actions. Their compromised access to Unreal Engine could have major impacts across the gaming industry.

This comes after Epic Games tried to add a new payment system into their iOS version of Fortnite. But this new payment system was a blatant infringement on the contractual agreement between both companies.

Microsoft has now spoken up and filed a declaration in favour of Epic Games. They have stated that Unreal Engine is “one of the most popular third-party game engines available to game creators”.

Microsoft is a major name to have Epic Games’ back, but is this reaction in response to Apple’s denial of Xbox Cloud Gaming earlier this month?

Project xCloud (image credit: Microsoft)

Whatever the case Tim Sweeney is stating that this is Epic Games way of standing up for smaller developers that have to pay the 30% fee’s. But go back eight years and Epic Games were the company that crushed Silicon Knights over their use of the Unreal Engine. Silicon Knights ended up bankrupt after Epic Games sued them for $4.45 million.