Magic Castle released after 23 years of development1 minute read

Japanese development studio KAIGA finally releases Magic Castle after 23 years of development.

Back in 1998 Magic Castle, which had been in production for a year, was cancelled. The game was being developed on the Net Yaroze – a development console for the original PlayStation and unfortunately was so heavily swamped in rumour and mystery that few people knew it existed.

The studio KAIGA has now completed work on this roguelike game that see’s the player travelling a labyrinth of procedurally generated rooms. Each player has the ability to find treasures, level up their player, battle monsters and more. Taking on the role of magician, knight, archer or fighter the player also has the ability to adjust the location of the user interface around the screen.

Keiichi Matsunami, a Sega game designer, and PIROWO, a game designer, joined with two other members to put this game together. Matsunami was part of the team who had worked on Hatsune Mikua: Project Diva Meha39 in 2020.

Due to the original teams lack of standing in the video game industry the game fell out of development, but now, in only eight months hard work, the game has finally been completed and is available on emulation. You can download Magic Castle here.

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