Lawsuit filed against Google amid false Stadia 4K Claims2 minute read

Google now faces a possible lawsuit on false 4K claims after “quietly” changing their website’s information

It is safe to say that the Google Stadia that was announced pre-launch is not the same as the Google Stadia that was revealed to the world in November 2019. The tech giant revealed how they would be developing their own first-party games, but recently they announced closure of their internal development studio. The library on offer is also very small in comparison to that which was hyped.

But one of the main issues people have is that the 4K offering isn’t exactly how it was described. Many people have stated that their gaming does not even look like it is in 4K resolution. Others have noticed that the 4K is not native and the system is in fact only up-scaling the resolution.

Due to this a 42-page breach-of-contract lawsuit has now been filed against Google in the Eastern Court District of New York. The lawsuit was initially filed in October 2020 but has now made it’s way the New York federal court. The document explains how Google was not honest with its offerings of 4K resolution and also mentions both Bungie, and id Software.

Not only does it highlight the false claims prior to launch but how Google changed the information on their “about us” section of the Stadia website to “obscure the indication that Stadia gameplay was less than 4K only if a customer had a slower internet connection.”

If the lawsuit goes ahead it is seeking damages to all those who purchased a Stadia Founder’s Edition, Premiere Edition, or those who paid for a Stadia Pro subscription as it will have been based on the claims that Stadia would support all games in 4K. Google are yet to comment.

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