Judge orders Apple to not block Epic Games’ access1 minute read

Further development in the Epic Games vs. Apple case has been revealed.

The temporary restraining order against Apple has been granted by a US judge. The move will prevent Apple from declining Epic Games’ access to the unreal Engine Software. Whilst the judge orders Apple in this context, Fortnite remains an unknown element.

The move comes as the US judge has stated how this would effect hundreds of application developers. The move by Apple was considered an overstep as the other developers are not involved directly in this conflict.

Epic Games filed the restraining order after Apple intended to remove access to their development tools. The order read as follows. ‘Apple and all persons in active concert or participation with Apple, are temporarily restrained from taking adverse action against Epic Games with respect to restricting, suspending or termination any affiliate of Epic Games, such as Epic International, from Apple’s Developer Program, including as to Unreal Engine.’

Regardless of this development the US judge, Judge Gonzalez Rogers, did not force Apple to reinstate Fortnite into the App Store.