Indie World Showcase 18th August 17:00 UK time1 minute read

Nintendo’s next Indie World Showcase arrives in less than 24 hours

Twenty minutes. That is all it will take for Nintendo to bring joy to us watchers tomorrow when their Indie World Showcase drops at 9:00am PT 12:00pm ET (17:00 in the UK).

Indie games have become hugely popular in recent years, with many independent developers releasing games that are more critically claimed than some AAA game developers. The Nintendo showcase will boost the hype around these teams with another twenty minutes of footage, showing games that we can expect to see on our Nintendo platforms soon.

It is hard to tell what Nintendo are planning (as it normally is), but there may be some exciting previews in store. Personally I am hoping for more footage of Silksong, following the amazing Hollow Knight game that Team Cherry created.

Whatever the case you can watch the live stream at the Nintendo site, or the YouTube video above. Enjoy.