Fortnite removed from Apple App Store and Google Play1 minute read

Apple have removed Fortnite from the Apple App Store over a disagreement with in-game purchases. Epic Games are proceeding to take Apple to court.

Thursday Epic Games release an option to buy V-Bucks at a 20% discount direct from themselves. At this point they had broken the terms of agreement with Apple and Google meaning Fortnite has subsequently been removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

This comes after a drawn out argument over Googles cut and Apples (30%) cut of all in-game purchases. However, the move to have the app removed does not seem to have come as a surprise to Epic Games.

Recently Epic Games have released a competitor app to Steam on the PC and now it appears that they may be trying to do the same on mobile devices. This theory comes from the fact that their lawsuit was actually filed minutes after their app was removed from the iOS and Google platforms.

This news comes a week after Apple denied the deployment of Microsoft Gaming Cloud (previously xCloud) into their App Store. Microsoft had a similar complaint, stating that Apple were treating game developers differently to the likes of Amazon – of which in-app purchases are allowed.

Epic Games will not be asking for any money from Apple nor Google, but more so the right to deploy their own application into the relevant app stores.

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