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Interplay Entertainment finally reveal the first look at Earthworm Jim 4, after 12 years in production and is now being released exclusively for the Intellivision Amico.

After the quiet cancellation of Earthworm Jim for the PSP in 2007 there were rumours of a new game being produced. Earthworm Jim 4 was announced in 2008 by Interplay Entertainment. The company did not know which console they would release the game for, nor a date for release.

After much speculation of whether it was going to hit the Xbox 360 or PS3, then possible speculation of an Xbox One, PS4 or Switch release, Earthworm Jim 4 has finally been announced to land on the Intellivision Amico. You read that correctly.

In May 2019 the game was formally announced by Tommy Tallarico, the president of Intellivision Entertainment. It was to be an exclusive to the upcoming Intellivision platform.

Who or what is Intellivision?

Intellivision was a home console originally released in 1979 by Mattel Electronics. It was a direct competitor of the Atari 2600. In the first year Mattel managed to sell 175,000 consoles – the entire production run. Over one million consoles were sold in 1981 alone.

Intellivision remained popular, and in 1983 Intellivision II was released. This model had a cartridge slot for The System Changer which allowed the user to play Atari 2600 cartridges.

Intellivision III saw an upgraded version with backwards compatibility (yes it was a thing even back then). Since 1983 there have been further consoles, takeovers, reboots and rehashes of the Intellivision. One of the more widely known being the Intellivision Flashback in 2014.

What is the Intellivision Amico?

The Intellivision Amico is the companies next attempt at the console market. It is being marketed as being “Designed for Simplicity,” with an attempt to brand the console as a “simple […] design for a new era of entertainment.”

Interestingly, none of the games will be age-rated as they will all be classified as E (for everyone). They promise no advertisments, loot boxes, in-game purchases or DLC.

More sophisticated features boast that gameplay will adapt to your personal skill level.

The controllers are wireless and look somewhat like an early 2000’s MP3 player. They contain a small touchscreen, rotating disc (similar to the look of the original iPods) and motion controls. They are wirelessly charged via the top of the console which looks unlike any console in the current generation.

The console itself has an 8 core 1.8Ghz CPU, 2GB RAM and 32GB Flash memory. You will be able to connect the console via HDMI and it contains 1 USB port.

Video will play at 1080p and it also contains connectivity over Wi-Fi, RFID and Bluetooth.

So what does it offer that current generation consoles do not? Perhaps nostalgia for people who owned one of the original Intellivision productions, or maybe a sense of safety for younger gamers. But at $249 as an introductory price it may be a difficult sale.

The Founders Edition is rumoured to be retailing at $279

Final thoughts

Earthworm Jim 4 is definitely a fantastic title to bring to the table. It is a title that will make a lot of Mega Drive/Genesis gamers tempted to buy the Amico. But do to the rest of the games hold up?

After watching the 23 Pre-Order Announcement Gameplay Trailer we cannot help but think the Amico might be another failed console. Most of the games look like mobile games. Although the whole feel of the games seems ‘fun,’ they are by no means groundbreaking. Perhaps by the time of release there will be more exclusives for fans to get tempted by, but whatever the case it will be an interesting launch.

The Intellivision Amico has a planned release date of 15th April 2021 and we wish Intellivision the best of luck.

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