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EA’s Matt Bilbey confirms that Codemasters will be an independent group for the foreseeable future.

The British game development studio who had their first title in 1986 with Super Robin Hood on the Amstrad CPC has finalised dealings with Electronic Arts. Around a month ago Take-Two, the publishers of games such as Borderlands and Grand Theft Auto, were leading proceedings with their $1 billion bid. This was until Electronic Arts put their $1.2 billion bid on the table, making Take-Two withdraw from the discussions.

Over the last couple of days the deal has finally been struck and Electronic Arts will become the parent company to Codemasters which they will see “as an independent group for the foreseeable future”.

Codemasters has a long history, spanning five decades and multiple systems. They had some major titles in the 1980’s such as Dizzy – The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure and the 1990’s when they released Micro Machines, Brian Lara’s Cricket and racing titles such as TOCA Touring Car Championship and Colin McRae Rally.

“We will be treating the Codemasters’ studios as an independent group for the foreseeable future, giving them all the support they need to deliver their much-loved games and exploring all opportunities for growth as we go.”

Matt Bilbey, EA Executive Vice President of Strategic Growth

In recent years Codemasters have predominantly focussed on their racing series’ Dirt, F1, Project Cars, Grid and a more recent release in the Micro Machines franchise. The purchase has come as part of Electronic Arts wishing to branch out further into the racing game franchise. One of the key areas will be the F1 games where by Matt Bilbey explained it to be “one of the few true global sports, with strong fan growth in North America, Asia and continued growth in Europe.”

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