Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals gets Silent Hill DLC2 minute read

Konami and Glowstick Entertainment announce Silent Hill crossover content for online multiplayer horror game

Earlier this month there was news that Konami was dissolving three of its own divisions in order to reshuffle their personnel and to play division bosses into new roles. The Internet panicked, but Fing’rs & Thu’ums did not report on this because it was utter speculation and Konami quickly announced that it did not mean they are closing down their gaming productions.

Now we have some positive Konami news which is that GlowStick Entertainment, creator of the horror multiplayer game Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals, is teaming up with them. The mission – to introduce a Silent Hill-themed DLC pack for their game.

The game Monsters & Mortals is a team based multiplayer game. One team plays as the Mortals and have to search around for shards. In doing so they are able to escape the level untarnished via a portal. The other team plays as the Monsters and have to hunt the other players down, much like Evolve in genre-style. Monsters are in the form of Clown Gremlins, Dread Ducky’s, Murder Monkey’s as well as appearances that are from other games and franchises.

The introduction of Silent Hill will include characters and a map based on the critically acclaimed franchise. The map is boasted to be the largest that the game will have seen yet, paying homage to the first three Silent Hill games.

Konami are not new to this kind of franchise crossover. In May 2020 it was announced that Dead by Daylight would be receiving Silent Hill-themed content. This included a new survivor, map and, of course, Pyramid Head.

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