Browser developer Opera buys YoYo Games1 minute read

Game Maker developer YoYo games sold by Playtech after six years

The Scottish-based development company YoYo Games is responsible for titles such as Forager, Ministry of Broadcast and Flynn Son of Crimson amongst others. They were previously bought by Playtech in 2015 for $16.4 million and have now been purchased by Opera for $10 million.

One of the leading tools from YoYo Games is Game Maker – a development tool which has been used to create many Indie developed games such as Undertale, Hyperlight Drifter, Heat Signature and Katana Zero. Game Maker and all the current catalogue has now been purchased by Opera the browser development company.

Undertale (image credit: YoYo Games)

The browser company, based in Oslo, Norway, is not new to the game of gaming world ventures. The company actually introduced Opera GX in 2019 which is a web browser developed towards gamers. Opera GX has 7 million monthly active users too, so any further development may be heavily beneficial to the company.

“Looking forward, Opera has big plans for YoYo Games and GameMaker. Together with Opera GX, GameMaker will form the cornerstone of Opera Gaming – a new division focused on expanding Opera’s reach and capabilities within the gaming space.”

Official Opera Statement

Both companies are heavily enthusiastic about this development, and the future will be sure to bring some promising updates on this acquisition.

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