Bowser’s Fury unleashed in new trailer1 minute read

Bowsers new look comes as an unexpected suprise

Last year Nintendo announced that Super Mario 3D World will be landing on the Nintendo Switch in February 2021. Not only this but they teased at the expansion Bowsers Fury which will be included with the game.

Nintendo revealed the new trailer for the game and have shown off bowser in full glory on their Twitter account as well as YouTube (below).

The game now looks like a cross between the much loved Super Mario 3D World and the award winning game of the year Super Mario Odyssey. It definitely seems to have some elements from both games and shows off a new looks for the insanely intimidating Bowser.

Not only do we see an astonishingly large and angry Bowser but the trailer also shows Mario in his cat form transforming into an equally large lion. Personally I can honestly say I have never seen a more indimidating Bowser and I truly cannot wait for the launch on 21st February this year.

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