Apple terminates Epic Games’ account1 minute read

Tim Sweeney defends Epic Games as Apple closes their App Store account after contractual violation.

In breaking news, Epic Games have now lost their account on the Apple App Store. This comes following the turbulence around Epic Games violation of the contractual agreement with Apple.

An Apple spokesperson stated , “The court recommended that Epic comply with the App Store guidelines while their case moves forward, guidelines they’ve followed for the past decade until they created this situation. Epic has refused.”

“Instead they repeatedly submit Fortnite updates designed to violate the guidelines of the App Store. This is not fair to all other developers on the App Store and is putting customers in the middle of their fight. We hope that we can work together again in the future, but unfortunately that is not possible today.”

Tim Sweeney is still standing by his decision in the actions taken by Epic Games. However now titles such as Infinity Blade and Battle Breakers. Tim Sweeney commented on Twitter with the following: “Apple’s statement isn’t forthright. They chose to terminate Epic’s account; they didn’t *have* to. Apple suggests we spammed the App Store review process. That’s not so. Epic submitted three Fortnite builds: two bug-fix updates, and the Season 4 update with this note.”

Tim Sweeney appears to be forgetting the breach of contract that his updates caused, in an attempt to make Apple look like the bad-guy in this situation. This is after Epic Games introduced “Epic direct payment” to bypass Apple’s 30% cut of in-game purchases.