A new Nintendo Switch model could arrive in 20211 minute read

Economic Daily News, a Tapei-based newspaper, claims a new Switch model will enter production in late 2020.

The Nintendo Switch has had amazing sales to-date. It quickly became the seventh best selling piece of hardware under the Nintendo brand. It wouldn’t be surprising that Nintendo would want to extend it’s lifetime on top of the current momentum. Rumour is that a new Nintendo Switch model will be released soon.

A possible new Switch model (image credit: Economic Daily News)

A new source of information has been found in the Taipei newspaper Economic Daily News. They claim that a new Switch model will begin production in the second half of 2020. Apparently new interactivity and an improved display will be part of this upgraded console.

Nintendo have previously stated that any future upgrades will not impact on the current user-base. All games will be cross-console compatible in the hopes to build on the audience of the Switch. Analysts have already speculated that the Nintendo Switch will outlast several of the previous generation consoles. It is expected to sell more than the 102 million Wii consoles sold by Nintendo.

Takashi Machizuki, of Bloomberg, has speculated that the new console could have 4K display capabilities. This would certainly bring the console inline with the next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

Nintendo are yet to comment on this speculation, but similar reports came about before the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Whatever the situation we can be sure that Nintendo will want to expand on the ever-popular Switch.

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