The Chaos Engine 19931 minute read

Inducted 2020

The Bitmap Brothers, Renegade Software

The Chaos Engine is a top-down run and gun video game that was programmed by Mike Montgomery, Stephen Cargill with Eric Matthews and Simon Knight as designers. Daniel Malone was the artist for the game which is set in a steampunk Victorian age where the player(s) must battle hostile creations of the eponymous Chaos Engine.

The game was first released for the Commodore Amiga and then received several versions and ports to other platforms. In the SNES and Mega Drive/Genesis versions the character, The Preacher, had the clerical collar removed and was renamed The Scientist. The U.S. ports of the game were named Soldiers of Fortune.

Did you know?

The Chaos Engine was inspired by the novel The Difference Engine written by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. The plot and style of the game are both equal to the novel which helped establish the genre conventions of steampunk.