Super Mario Odyssey 20171 minute read

Inducted 2020

Kenta Motokura, Yoshiaki Koizumi, Koichi Hayashida, Nintendo EPD, Nintendo

Super Mario 3D World released in 2013 and this is when Super Mario Odyssey began development with the same team and assistance from 1-Up Studio. The development team played with many ideas for the game, which resulted in many various prototypes. These prototypes were the reason that the game contains many varying kingdoms, each with unique gameplay mechanics. The Power Moons were added as a way for players to explore at their own leisure.

The game contains appearances from Pauline who first appeared in the original Donkey Kong. because of this is led to the creation of a vocal theme song to represent the entire game. The game finally teased in 2016 when the announcement trailer for the Nintendo Switch was revealed. The game released to massive acclaim, and is considered the joint fifth highest rated game of all time according to Metacritic.

Did you know?

Super Mario Odyssey is a game of firsts. It is the first Mario game where you do not lose lives if you die (you lose 10 coins instead). It is also the first Mario game to contain a theme song with vocals (Jump Up, Super Star!).