Prey 20061 minute read

Inducted 2020

Chris Rhinehart, Tim Gerritsen, George Broussard, Human Head Studios, 2K Games

The first incarnation of Prey was announced in 1995, envisioned to be running on a new and unique cutting edge gaming technology. This meant the game would play a similar role that Unreal did for Epic Games. Tom Hall completed the initial designs for the first year but then left the project. Paul Schuytema then came on board and a new design for the game took place. Portal technology was one item that was soon conceived for the game, and the 1997 and 1998 E3 saw amazing examples of what this looked like.

After several technical inabilities, this version of Prey also failed. Soon the game was put on hold until 2001 when id Tech 4 software was chosen to reinvent the game once more. It was officially announced as a game finally on April 26th 2005. nonetheless the game received great scores of 8-9/10 based on the “incredible” graphics and gameplay. The game sold one million copies to date an dis ranked third on the Game Informers list of Top Ten Video Game Openings. It is a game which really shows how tenacity can pay off.

Did you know?

In the original design document of the game before the project restart, the character of Tommy was originally Talon Brave. Although the main character’s name was changed after the restart, the name “Talon” was moved to be the name of Tommy’s spirit hawk. This name was not accidental, it was a nod to the old version of the project.