Frontier: Elite II 19931 minute read

Inducted 2020

David Braben, GameTek

Frontier: Elite II broke the mould of video games upon launch. The game contains no plot and no pre-scripted mission. The player travels across space, completing military missions and trading either legally or illegally. Because of this the game could never be “won” and it was up to the player to decide how they interpret success.

The game contained 1:1 scale planets and star systems and its map was technically thousands of light years across. It also contained MIDI representations of various classic composers such as Wagner and Grieg. The Blue Danube is also played during the space station docking sequences, which is in homage to the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Did you know?

The game contained what has become known as the “wormhole” bug. The ships had a limit on their hyperdrive to 15 light years. However if the player found a point that was 655.36 to 670.36 light years away the game would count that as “within 15 light years”. This meant that with triangulation methods a lot of areas could be reached with one to three “wormhole” jumps.