Final Fantasy VII 19971 minute read

Inducted 2020

Yoshinori Kitase, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Square, Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII broke records worldwide after selling two million copies in the first three days after launch. It is often dubbed the greatest game of all time and immensely repopulated not only the Sony PlayStation but also RPG’s on console format. It was the first Final Fantasy game to contain blood and profanity and was also the first game in the series to suggest the origin of monsters.

The game contains vast amounts of links to Norse Mythology predominantly monster names and places. Development of the game began in 1994 and was originally for the Super NES. After several delays and technical difficulties the project moved to pre-rendered graphics and this necessitated the use of CD-ROM as a media format. The entire development budget was in excess of $80 million.

Did you know?

The characters Biggs and Wedge are part of a long-running joke in Final Fantasy games. They were named after Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977).