This Week in Gaming – 6th September 20204 minute read

This Week in Gaming digs always looks into some captured moments from video game history. Not all days have an epic release but This Week has found some massive titles that have reached anniversaries over the last seven days. Japan especially had some amazing releases This Week in Gaming, but go back 12 years and Venezuela weren’t too impressed…

31st August

Dino Crisis (image credit: Capcom)

Sure, today had some epic releases with Crash Bandicoot and The Elder Scrolls. But who could forget Dino Crisis? An action-packed dinosaur game with hunting packs of Velociraptors. This game was a fantastic edition to any Playstation library. The game had a bleeding mechanic when you became wounded. This made the character limp but also allowed dinosaurs to track you easier. Happy birthday Dino Crisis!

  • 24 Years
    • Crash Bandicoot – Playstation
    • The Elder Scrolls: Chapter II – Daggerfall
  • 21 Years
    • Dino Crisis – Playstation
    • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

1st September

I’m the good and the bad. You’re just ugly. (image credit: Eurocom)

Atomic warfare, Jack the Ripper and Victorians? Duke Nukem: Zero Hour was another fantastic addition to the already popular franchise.

  • 21 Years
    • Duke Nukem: Zero Hour – Nintendo 64

2nd September

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (image credit: Arc System Works)

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, or ブレイブルー カラミティ トリガ as it is known in Japan, celebrates 10 years this week. Directed by Toshimichi Mori it was the first game in the BlazBlue franchise.

  • 10 Years
    • BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger – PC

3rd September

Metal Gear Solid (image credit: Konami)

Metal Gear Solid. What a game. The amount of times I was stuck on this game and forgot about beating Mantis by swapping your controller port. Also the frustration of realising the desired comms frequency is on the back of the game case. So many fun and intriguing designs were put into this game, and that’s not even mentioning the gameplay. Pure stealth enjoyment, this game celebrates a much deserved 20 year anniversary this week.

  • 20 Years
    • Metal Gear Solid – Playstation (Japan)

4th September

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (image credit: Pandemic Studios)

Glitchy. Contraversial. Nagging irritations. These are some words often used to describe Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. The glitches – beyond unreasonable, with terrible timing and incredibly frequent. The contraversy around the Venezuelan government accusing the U.S. government of drumming support for a real-life invasion of Venezuela (seriously). The irritations…endless. However, the game was an absolute dream to play. Endless fun in a sandbox game that was like Grant Theft Auto on steroids. I personally have never enjoyed a sandbox game as much as Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. yes it perhaps won Dubious Honors: Most Disappointing Game by GameSpot but I disagree.

  • 12 Years
    • Blue Dragon Plus – DS (Japan)
    • Mercenaries 2: World in Flames – PC

5th September

Super Pitfall (image credit: Activision)

Yes it was negatively received, but Pitfall celebrates 34 years This Week. “A Super Mario Bros. rehash that most NES users will be able to play in their sleep. Certainly, there is nothing in the game itself to keep them awake”. This is how Computer Gaming World had the game described upon review. However infuriating the game actually was it had early sandbox elements all those years ago and deserves its throne today.

  • 34 Years
    • Super Pitfall – NES (Japan)
  • 23 Years
    • Virtua Fighter 2 – PC (Japan)

6th September

Shenmue II (image credit: SEGA)

Open-world environments, brawler battles and quick-time events. Shenmue II had it all. It was developed alongside the original Shenmue which at the time as the most expensive game ever developed. Shenmue II literally took the Dreamcast to the brink of its capabilities and since its launch has entered several “greatest games of all time” lists.

  • 20 Years
    • Capcom vs. SNK – Dreamcast (Japan)
  • 19 Years
    • Shenmue II – Dreamcast (Japan)