This Week in Gaming – 13th September 20204 minute read

This Week in Gaming was a challenge. It was not challenging in terms of finding anniversaries of games or consoles – there are plenty. The challenge was finding popular titles to highlight. It was a struggle, but here are the anniversaries of the gaming world this week!

7th September

Final Fantasy VII (image credit: Square Enix)

I know – I said it was a struggle finding popular games. Yet here we are with possibly one of the most popular games in video game history. Final Fantasy VII entered our hearts 23 years ago on this day. The most popular of the Final Fantasy franchise and a game that sold a whopping 8.6 million units.

  • 25 Years
    • Batman Forever – SEGA Genesis
  • 23 Years
    • Final Fantasy VII – Playstation

8th September

SoulCalibur (image credit: Namco)

Possibly one of the best experiences from my childhood with fighting games came from SoulCalibur on the Dreamcast. I only managed to play it once (for around four hours) at a friends house, but it blew me away. The graphics were amazing, and the gameplay was nothing short of exciting. It celebrates 21 years on this day.

  • 21 Years
    • SoulCalibur – Dreamcast

9th September

PSX, PS1 or Playstation? Whatever you call it, it was an amazing beast (photo credit: Sony)

Codename PSX, The Playstation was launched 25 years ago today. What an amazing point in video game history! The launch began with what is now known as the audiophile PS1 variant and stormed the gaming market. It soon became one of the best selling consoles ever created and started the domination that Sony has to this day.

  • 26 Years
    • Mortal Kombat II – SEGA Genesis
  • 25 Years
    • Playstation
    • Rayman – Playstation
  • 22 Years
    • Spyro the Dragon – Playstation

10th September

Super Mario Maker (image credit: Nintendo)

Yes I know – it is only five years old, but to me it just feels so much longer. Super Mario Maker for the failed Nintendo Wii U was an excellent addition to the Nintendo catalogue. It’s popularity was apparent when the hype around the Nintendo Switch’s Super Mario Maker 2 was so huge. It may only be five years old but it was such an original entry into the Nintendo franchise that it deserves to be recognised in This Week in Gaming.

  • 5 Years
    • Super Mario Maker – Wii U (Japan)

11th September

Comix Zone (image credit: SEGA)

Comix Zone is best known for its entry into the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive back-catalogue. It has had several re-releases as part of Mega Drive compilation games too. However it was also available a year after its original release on the Game Boy Advance 18 years ago today!

  • 18 Years
    • Comix Zone – Game Boy Advance

12th September

Adventure Island (image credit: Activision)

Hudson Soft released Hudson’s Adventure Island in 1986 for the Famicon and MSX. It was an adaptation of Wonder Boy, which was developed for SEGA by Escape. The game originally started life as a direct port of Wonder Boy due to Hudson Soft (now part of Konami) having some of the rights. However Escape sold the characters and names to SEGA, meaning Hudson Soft was left to change their protagonist. They modelled him after Hudson Soft’s spokeperson Takahashi Meijin.

  • 34 Years
    • Adventure Island – NES (Japan)

13th September

Super Mario Bros. (image credit: Nintendo)

It is a well known fact that Mario is celebrating his 35th birthday this month. This comes as news after the announcement of a series of games and merchandise from Nintendo. 35 years ago today Mario blessed our consoles and paved way for a superior franchise of gaming. And another thing to think about…35 years ago today the first Goomba on level 1-1 was released into the wild. I wonder what his KTD ratio is now?

  • 35 Years
    • Super Mario Bros. – NES (Japan)