Your Mileage May Vary3 minute read

This week has been a bizarre one for me. And by “this week” I mean the last seven days, as it is only Monday. I succeeded in creating a lot of content which has been scheduled, and my Google hits are starting to climb, but I also received some very strange feedback relating to one of my articles.

Each week (or sometimes fortnight as I am a very busy person) I distribute an article named Hi Five. This column is an opportunity for me to look back over my 32 years of gaming knowledge (good grief) and choose my top five items from a randomised subject. The topic can be designated by myself, or folks from Twitter. It doesn’t matter who picks me a theme, the point of the fact is that the content is what I personally deliberate as my preferred five somethings. Jim’s preferred five Pot Noodle flavours for instance. Or conceivably Jim’s top five places to rock back and forth in a dark place. The skies the limit. Ok – they do have to have some significance to the website, I was just thinking outside of the box.

So what made this week peculiar, and what was the criticism? Well after selecting a top five list of controllers I was told that it was preposterous, because A, B and C were better than E, F and G. The remark was not “oh so you like Bombay Badboy flavored Pot Noodles? Well I respect that, but I think Sweet & Sour rocks!” Instead it was more along the lines of “You are completely wrong. Why are you even saying this? What is the point of using nostalgia to decide what you like – you are no longer ten years old? It is 2021, not 1990. Sweet & Sour has the best design team, so it HAS to be on your list, and as it is not you are a complete moron.”

Ok I get it, I am using Pot Noodle references again, but I am famished and now that I have mentioned them I cannot stop thinking about them. The main cause for concern was not the Bombay Badboy, but instead the Nintendo Entertainment System Controller. Sorry if it “offends” anyone, but it means a lot to me because of times long past.

I think social media to some extent drives us to believe that our views are factual and not opinions. Our phones tell us what we want – with bespoke newfeeds and targeted marketing. Because we only see what interests us, it can make us think that we are the gods of information and what we say is the definitive reality.

But Your Mileage May Vary. Everyone can have their own belief, particularly when it is based on perception, recollections, nostalgia or sentiment – there should be, or more to the point cannot be, any disagreement in the world that would counter these points. It is what makes us individuals, and even the thought that these sentiments can be challenged really shook my every fibre.

Have a great week everyone, and remember – you are you.

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