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It has been a while since I shared good news from Fing’rs & Thu’ums as things have been ticking along at a nice leisurely pace over the last few months. That doesn’t mean that we have not been busy behind the scenes here at your favourite gaming news site but quite the opposite. During this time I personally have been working hard with Apple to try and get our site approved for Apple News publications as we are already on the Google News listings.

The good news I received at the back-end of last week is that Apple have now accepted our application into their network, and soon Fing’rs & Thu’ums will be publishing direct to their platform! So you can soon follow us through the app and can expect all our reviews, news and columns to be published there alongside all your other favourite publications.

So whilst this is a small update, it is one that I am incredibly proud of and have worked for ten months to achieve. Fing’rs & Thu’ums as a brand, and a non-profit organisation, is growing and will be available on even more platforms moving forwards. Have a fantastic week!

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