ByteSize or *Bite* *Sighs*?2 minute read

The date is Sunday 23 2021. I begin the first lines of my first blog post. I have many things to write about, such as the new additions to the collection I have gained over the week. Or the fact that my Nintendo is off for repair with a mysterious issue that cannot be identified. But I cannot get one thing, or perhaps two things, out of my mind.

I am not the biggest Resident Evil fan. In fact I am a shambles when it comes to the series. I own most of the games, but the only two I have played and enjoyed were Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 5. I have not yet played the remakes either. I will play them, but when all the other hundreds of games I want to play have been played. However, the trailer for Resident Evil VIII: Village dropped this week and it has spoken to my weaknesses. Vampires. Female Vampires.

So wait, Resident Evil is doing vampires now? Have I missed that much of the series? What on earth is actually happening? Is this a normal occurrence in the games? Regardless, my weakness with games, media, movies, television is psychopathic women, Vampires, blood. If there is a cruel woman with a blood lust to watch then I will watch it. It is a strange obsession but we all have them right?

The fact that they have this desire to rip people apart, in a bloody chaotic madness literally is all I can ask for. I will probably just watch them destroy me time and time again like some intimate, vampire-fuelled Groundhog Day.

Well anyway, Resident Evil VIII will be a game I that I will be preordering. I am not sure if Capcom have done this deliberately but the game just looks…sexy. It is like they already know that any merchandise relating to Dimitrescu and her daughters will be paid for and rushed to my man cave with immediate effect. Well done Capcom you have pulled at the very fabrics of my primitive instincts.

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